Upcoming Titles - Spring 2008
Science and Technical

Conduction Of Electricity Through Gases J. J. Thomson

Design & Construction Of Electric Furnaces Wilhelm Borchers

Stained Glass Work C. W. Whall

Electroplating And Electrorefining Alexander Watt

Structural Analysis and Design of Airplanes Engineering Division McCook Field

Protozoa Microbiology and Guide To Microscopic Identification E. A. Minchin

Electrolytic Separation, Recovery and Refining of Metals G. Gore

Graphical and Mechanical Computation; Nomographs & Mechanical Integration J. Lipka

Diazo Chemistry - Synthesis and Reactions John Cannell Cain

The Magnetic Circuit - Electromagnetic Engineering V. Karapetoff

Perfumes and their Preparation George Askinson

Transforming The Global Biosphere Elliott Maynard

Underground Electric Transmission & Distribution E. B. Meyer

Industrial Exhaust Hood and Fan Piping W. H. Hayes

Electric Cables & Networks in Power Distribution Alexander Russell

Pole and Tower Lines for Electric Power Transmission R. D. Coombs