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Science & Technical
Industrial Exhaust Hood and Fan Piping

Pole and Tower Lines for Electric Power Transmission

Protozoa Microbiology and Guide To Microscopic Identification

Electrolytic Separation, Recovery and Refining of Metals

The Magnetic Circuit - Electromagnetic Engineering

Graphical and Mechanical Computation - including Nomographs and Mechanical Integration

Diazo Chemistry - Synthesis and Reactions

Perfumes and their Preparation

Electric Cables & Networks in Power Distribution

Underground Electric Transmission and Distribution

Elevator Design, Construction and Maintenance (1905)

Theory Of Invariants - Monograph In Mathematics

The Gas Turbine - Development and Engineering

The Electric Furnace in Chemical and Metallurgical Processing

Pumps In Chemical Engineering - Including Older Types And Useful Equations

History and Craft Of The Violin Prior To 1900

Steam Turbines - Development and Engineering

Industrial Nitrogen Compounds and Explosives - Chemical Manufacture and Analysis

Transient Electric Phenomena and Oscillations - Third Edition

Explosives In Metal Mining and Quarry Operations

Sedimentary Petrography - Geology and Mineralogy

Worm and Spiral Gearing - Gear Design and Engineering

Analyses of Iron and Stone Meteorites, with the Field Columbian Museum of Meteorites

Microbiology of the Iron-Depositing Bacteria

Photoelectricity - The Liberation of Electrons by Light

Coast Erosion and Protection - Engineering

Intermetallic Compounds - Physics and Chemistry

The Thermionic Vacuum Tube-Physics and Electronics

The Electrical Properties of Flames and of Incandescent Solids

The Anschütz Gyro-Compass and Gyroscope Engineering

(Thermionic) Emission From Hot Bodies

Magnetic Induction In Iron and Other Metals - Physics and Electronics

Yeasts: Culture, Identification, and Microbiology

The Pipe Organ and Player Piano - Construction, Repair, and Tuning

Centrifugal Pumps-Engineering Calculations

Distillation Principles and Practice - Small Laboratory Operations On Through Industrial Chemistry

The Recovery of Volatile Solvents in Chemical Engineering

A Guide for the Manufacture of Metallic Alloys

Principles of Electronic Transformer Design

Practical Methods in Microscopy

Electric Arcs - Experiments Upon Arcs Between Different Electrodes In Various Environments

Dielectric Phenomena In High Voltage Engineering

Recovering Precious Metals

Physical Optics: Textbooks of Science

Engineering Construction - Tunneling, Bridges, and Geodesy for Canals and Road Building

Metal Forging - Modern Engineering Practice

Electromagnets; Their Design And Construction

Limes Hydraulic Cement and Mortars

The Sheet-Metal Worker's Instructor

Old World Classical Methods in Bookbinding

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