The Thermionic Vacuum Tube
Physics and Electronics
H. J. Van Der Bijl
HARDBACK with dustjacket, 391 pages with index and illustrations

The ideal foundation for understanding the principles of electron valve design and electronics.

Chapter titles are ...(1) Properties of Electrons ...(2) Dislodgement of Electrons from Atoms of Vapors and Gases / Ionization ...(3) Dislodgement of Electrons from Solid Substances ...(4) Physics of the Thermionic Valve ...(5) Influence of Gas on the Discharge ...(6) Rectification of Currents by the Thermionic Valve ...(7) The Thermionic Amplifier ...(8) The Vacuum Tube as an Oscillation Generator ...(9) Modulation and Detection of Currents with the Thermionic Tube ...(10) Miscellaneous Applications of the Thermionic Tube.