Principles of Electronic Transformer Design
Alfred Still
HARDBACK, 216 pages with index and illustrations / diagrams

Chapter titles are ...(1) Elementary Theory - Types - Construction [including effect of closing the secondary circuit, polyphase transformers, classification of transformer types, mechanical stresses, etc.] ...(2) Insulation of High Pressure Transformers ...(3) Efficiency and Heating of Transformers ...(4) Magnetic Leakage in Transformers - Reactance - Regulation [including effects of magnetic leakage on voltage regulation, method for experimental determination of leakage reactacnce, calculation of reactive voltage drop, calculation of exciting current, and a vector diagram showing effect of magnetic leakage on voltage regulation in transformers]...(5) Procedure in Transformer Design [including the output equation, specifications, estimate of number of turns of winding, procedure to determine dimensions of a new design, many examples, etc] ...(6) Transformers for Special Purposes [including transformers for large currents and low voltages, constant current transformers, current transformers for use with measuring instruments, auto-transformers, induction regulation, etc.]