The Ethical State

The Ethical State indicates the growing influence and awareness of Garcia's monumental contributions to what constitutes the keystone of a moral society. His thoughts and solutions to the dilemma facing the modern world will with time explode... the survival and integrity of a human society based on logic, love, decency and morality.

Author Warren Adler
The War of the Roses
Random Hearts
"Garcia's ideas are based on those of Socrates; his presentation is both profound and provocative."
John David Garcia
Patricia Treakle
Huntsville, Alabama Times
Harry's War

September, 1941 in war-torn England, thirteen-year-old Harry Lockwood steps off the train and embarks on his new life at Markham College, a boarding school near London. With his father stationed in North Africa and his mother working in a munitions factory a hundred miles away, Harry is on his own. Soon, he finds himself fighting for survival in a new world where the misuse of power by sadistic prefects creates a closed society ruled by fear and violence. All of this occurs under Hitler's bombardment of Britain with terrifying V1 flying bombs and V2 ballistic missiles. Throughout, he makes lifelong friends, falls in love, but most of all, he becomes a man. Certainly a story of war and lost innocence, though also one of friendship, loyalty, and joy.

"Harry's War took my breath away. It sucked me back in time and I loved, laughed, and suffered right along with the young WW2 hero."

Robynn Clairday, Author
Postcards from World War II

D. Edward Bradley
The New Southern Gentleman

Daniel Randolph Deal is a Southern aristocrat, having the required bloodline, but little of the nobility. A man resistant to the folly of ethics, he prefers a selective, self-indulgent morality. Dan is a confessed hedonist, albeit responsibly so.

He understands this, though little else, while lovers come and go. Uncertain truths about love and honor gradually surface, each forming a fuller, clearer tableau of Daniel Randolph Deal and his station as
The New Southern Gentleman.

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Newswire February 2003

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Jim Booth
The Dazzle of the Light

Alternately raucous and lyrical, The Dazzle of the Light is the story of Liam McGarrity, a first generation Irish-American trying to come to grips with the untimely death of his older brother. Unable to accept the hollow consolations of priests, bartenders, and morticians, Liam writes stories, trying to find some meaning in a seemingly meaningless loss. With the help of Walt Whitman, a poetic Mexican landscaper, a Ghandi-inspired football coach, a three-hundred-pound ballerina, a beautiful red-headed woman, and a voice from the beyond - Liam stares into the darkness of his brother?s death so that he might once again accustom his eyes to life. And to the dazzle of the light.

Patrick Hegarty
"Patrick Hegarty manages to write from the heart without being humorless, pious, or condescending. His thoroughly modern portrait of a young man's journey through devastating loss is by turns literary, jocular, poignant, and fiercely acerbic..."
Scott Vickers
Bloomsbury Review
Nothing To Declare

"Cleverly and artistically written... Nothing To Declare is not your ordinary mystery novel. It's a thriller with first-class traits. The murder, international underworld, unsolved crime and enigmatic ambience create an unforgettable setting... a mystery novel that is a literary piece in itself."

Jennie S. Bev
The Book Review Club
"I reserve my 'Top Scores' for exceptional work, to give them freely would be to devalue and waste them... finally, a book worth the wait. Mr. Kraus' tale of smuggler Thomas Breck is a work of literary art. His characters, plot, setting, and dialogue are all top notch."
Josef Kraus
Kate Fox
Heartland Reviews
"Author Josef Kraus presents the seamy underworld saga of an international smuggler who emerges as a link to heinous murders - but is he the killer, or the pawn of a far greater scheme? Retired Gendarme Inspector Jules Beauvier is determined to find out in this exciting tale of duplicity, underworld connections, conspiracy and more..."
Midwest Book Review