A Practical Guide

for the

Manufacture of Metallic Alloys

A. A. Fesquet
Contains specific instructions for the manufacture of alloyed metals with "recipes" for all materials needed and exact procedures. Many of the exotic combinations of metals may have been reported in this book for the first time. Also note that chapter 10 contains several pages of specific information on the metals used in making cannons and firearms. This title contains a wealth of details and information beyond what the chapter titles reveal.

Chapter titles are ...(1) General Observations on the Metals which are Commonly Used for Alloys ...(2) Physical and Chemical Properties Alloys ...(3) Preparation and Composition of Alloys [including subchapters on processes of mixing, cooling, crystallization, liquation, temperature, complex alloys, fusion, precautions, waste, determination of the elements in an alloy] ...(4) Alloys of the Metals Most Used in the Arts [including subchapters on alloys of tin and zinc, alloys of tin and lead, and alloys of iron with copper, zinc, tin and lead] ...(5) Alloys of the Metals of Secondary Importance in the Arts [including alloys of bismuth and copper, alloys of antimony and copper, alloys of nickel and copper, alloys of arsenic and copper, amalgams of the metals - copper, zinc, tin, lead, iron, bismuth, antimony, nickel and arsenic, mosaic gold and other amalgams] ...(6) Alloys of the Precious Metals, Belonging Especially to the Arts of Luxury [including individual subchapters on alloys of gold and silver with each of the following metals: copper, zinc, tin, lead, iron, bismuth, antimony, nickel, arsenic, mercury amalgam, silver, platinum; also on alloys of platinum with copper, zinc, tin, lead, iron, steel, bismuth, antimony, nickel, arsenic, mercury amalgam, and various alloys with aluminum] ...(7) Alloys of the Metals Rarely or Never Used in the Arts [including subchapters on manganese, chromium, cobalt, cadmium, titanium, uranium, tungsten, molybdenum, osmium, iridium, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, tellurium, potassium and sodium] ...(8) Bronzes of Art ...(9) Alloys for Coinage [including metals for ancient coins with individual subchapters on old indian coins, Saxon coins, bronze coins of Attica, and the analysis of coins of various countries] ...(10) Alloys for Pieces of Ornance, Arms, Projectiles, etc. [including subchapters on the bronze for cannon by the Brothers Keller, and the experiments of French officers and engineers and artillery, as well as alloys of the "arms of the ancients"] ...(11) Alloys for Rolling and Wire Drawing [including Jemmapes brass] ...(12) Copper Alloys for Ship Sheathing ...(13) Alloys for Type, Engraving Plates, etc. [metals for printing] ...(14) Alloys for Bells, Musical Instruments, etc. [including the metals used in Chinese gongs, and cymbals, as well as analysis of various bell metals] ...(15) Alloys for Philisophical and Optical Instruments [including subchapters on each of the following: Chinese mirrors, mirrors of antiquity, French mirrors, Mr. Despretz's alloys for mirrors, speculum metals of M.M. Stodart, Faraday, and Dumas, Mr. Gaudin's recommendations, and "Fahlun brilliants"]...(16) Alloys for Jewelry, Gold and Silver Wares, Brittania Ware, etc. [including formulas for dozens of specific exotic metals of various trade and family names, a few of which follow as examples: Manheim gold, Pinchbeck - Prince Robert's metal, Chinese white copper, Ruolz alloys, Electrum, Maillechorts, Alfenide, Alloys of Mr. Toucas, English tutania, German tutania, Spanish tutania, Engestrum tutenia, Queen's metal, Ashberry metal, etc.] ...(17) White Alloys [including Algiers metal, alloys for seats, plugs and keys of stopcocks, Kustitien metal for tinning, Prince's metal, Vogel's alloys for polishing steel, etc.] ...(18) Fusible Alloys ...(19) Alloys for Machinery, Anti-Friction Metals, etc. [including different alloys for various parts of locomotives - axles, pistons, regulators, pumps, etc. etc. and special alloys of Goldsmith and Dewrance, the anti-friction alloys of Morries-Stirling and of Muntz, etc.] ...(19) Solders [including solders for precious metals] ...(20) Miscellaneous Alloys [another assortment of exotic metals including Violet alloy, Liquid for amalgamating the zinc of galvanic batteries, an amalgam for varnishing plaster casts, an amalgam for silvering glass globes, Alloy of Valentin Rose, Humberg's alloy, etc.]